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Mechanical, Electrical & Software Engineering

We offer our engineering process outsourcing service for electrical engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering as well as the hybrid role of mechatronic engineering solutions. The goal is to get you a physical product prototype that’s not only functional, but ready for production.

Electrical Engineers

From solar & wireless to plugin & grid based, if it depends on electricity & printed circuit boards, and you see it has place in the future, we’re the team to get you there.

Software Engineers

Let our software engineers architect your solution from the ground up. Whether your custom needs are as a startup or an enterprise, we will deliver your product.

Mechatronic Engineers

Through convergence of software engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, we offer mechatronics engineering for more complex projects

Electrical Engineering

An electronics engineer that’s never been shocked by electricity is either a natural born genius, or hasn’t done nearly enough projects in their lifetime to feel the tingle of inspiration, which one can learn many new things from.

Whether you’re building a drone, smartphone, remote controlled toys, wearable devices, or IoT peripherals, you’ll need an experienced electrical engineer to make sure the electronic components are in line and functional. This is where our team of professional tinkerers and hobbyists, real tech evangelists, come in to shine.

We will help create & develop your physical device by providing you with everything from firmware to circuit board design. Work with a team that has years of experience in creating gadgets with electronic design automation (EDA) & electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) software for printed circuit boards made from FR4 & FR2. If you’re concerned about meeting health and environmental concerns, we can guide you through RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) requirements for your devices.

Start working towards realizing your dream product, and outsource your prototype, design and electronic development to our company. We’ll handle the resistors, inductors, capacitors, diodes and transistors, as well as software development for specific functions of your product. And in turn you’ll have your MVP ready for production, pitching or testing.


Have you heard of Nikola Tesla? He’s from our region of the world. In fact, our founder was born a few miles from where he was born. Could it be that this is why we have so many geniuses? Who knows. What we do know however, is that our team of electrical engineers is more than capable of creating your electronic product, because we are shockingly good.

Shock me with your knowledge

Software Engineers

Our guys and gals aren’t run of the mill average Joe’s, we make sure we select people that are a great fit for our American run company, as well as for our U.S., Canadian and U.K. clients. Let our brightest & hand selected university educated minds tackle your software engineering challenges.


You’re looking for a combination of education and affordability, and that’s what we offer. To us, software engineering is about ingenuity and adaptability to the changing world of today, while also keeping the core principles of quality engineering. There is no challenge our highly skilled & educated team cannot handle, so we welcome you to try us with your most difficult projects.

Let’s tackle software engineering

Different from programmers, our software engineers craft custom software solutions from the ground up and through various testing methods. They research, design, develop and test operating systems-level software, compilers and network distribution software for industries that include medical, industrial, communications, business, science, telecommunication and general computing applications.

Feel confident that you can outsource your software engineering requirements as we will architect the components and interfaces. We accomplish this through design of system components, owning the coding, verification, integration testing & debugging. Furthermore, our software engineers will maintain and upkeep your solution for as long as you need us to, ensuring that everything continues to work to your needed specifications.

Our software craftsmanship (and craftwomanship) methods follow well defined engineering approaches to problem solving. This allows us to deliver a polished final product for your company via optional cosourcing & team extension setups that allow for a ‘follow-the-sun’ workflow. Working with our team will not only get your invention to market faster, but we also offer other complementary services to help you take your business higher once you’re off the ground.

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineers combine experience from electrical engineering, software engineering and mechanical engineering, being a bridge between these disciplines, and making awesome electronics & robotic creations.

Our more encompassing European-American mechatronics EPO (engineering process outsourcing) service aims at synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory and software development; coupled with product design and manufacturing.

We look to be at the forefront of the future in IoT, wearable devices, gadgets, electronics and robotics. Whatever project you’re working on that consists of electronic, software and mechanical engineering needs, we will put it together. This allows us to develop a product for you that might need signal conditioning, path programming, hardware interfaces, sensors and actuator use, automation or electronic components.

Working with us means you have access to experienced engineers, designers, software developers; basically an all-around solution to bring your idea or prototype to market.


The future of your product or project depends on it being done right, at a great price, and with educated people that think for themselves. We have a culture of valuing knowledge above all else, so we are continuously growing and keeping our eye on the world; tenacity is practically our tattoo.

I ♥ tenacity, let's talk

Our Engineering Highlights

A few highlights that make our team and our engineers different from all the rest in the world.

Educated Team

Our engineers are no fools, these gals & guys poses Masters or PhD degrees and years of experience

Continuous Growth

School alone isn’t enough, our team keeps up on the latest developments in the engineering world

Competition Winners

Some of our team members have entered and won competitions in their branch of engineering

Quality Assurance

We fully test our products by having different teams test each other’s work. We can also test & improve your current product.

CAD File Delivery

Have us help with CAD conversion, scanning & drafting done specifically for the branch of engineering you need

Industry Experience

We have experience working in the telecom, consumer electronics, automotive & IoT space by providing full engineering service outsourcing


Our founder has Confidential clearance and overall, out of courtesy, we know how to keep our mouth shut to preserve the privacy of your project.

Continuous Support

We’re a dev shop, not a warehouse. We’re always one call away for our clients & even provide options to retain your engineer for short or long term.

English Proficiency

90% of our team speaks proficient English, the other 10% are pretty much there and were too good of engineers not to work with.


Why you should pick CroatiaTech as your engineering outsourcing partner, and what sets us apart from everyone else.


Two Americans started and run the company, while concurrently living in the country. Our story is like no other company in Croatia, or the region; enabling us to eliminate language & cultural barriers.


From day one, we have only ever been interested in working with the top 10% of the tech talent pool in Croatia. Our 40+ people team proves working with the best people, produces the best results.


Our founders worked in agencies. We know how expensive quality work gets. So CroatiaTech offers you the best engineering talent, at a price point you’re going to be flippin happy with.

Our Experience

Some of the companies our team has worked with

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