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About Us

While we consider Croatia & Salt Lake City as our main home, the whole world is our stage. After all, it’s not just our end users that span the globe; it’s our clients as well.
When you hire us, you’ll be working with highly skilled professionals, who have been hand-picked for their expertise in website & software development, engineering, design, online marketing, virtual reality and all other areas.
Every day, millions of people use the very end solutions that our team has researched, planned, tested and/or created.

Our Philosophy

Our main business philosophy is to run this company like it is the only asset we’ll have for the next 50 years. This means that every client we bring in is important to us, just as every team member that makes us great is; without either, we won’t last to 50 years. We’d rather grow by having a hundred clients that love us vs. thousands that never return.

Our Process

We listen to every client for how we can solve their problem, not for how we can sell a service. Our company takes a consultative sales approach, where we match our skills to resolve a problem that your organization is facing. Following guidelines, not policies, as every client is different, we will only work together if we can effectively deliver a solution.

Our Differentiator

Our biggest differentiator is that the company has been founded, and is still owned and run by two individuals who spent almost two decades living in the States. One on the West Coast, working in technology, marketing and startups, the other on the East Coast managing tech teams and doing his own development for Fortune 500 and Inc. listed companies.

The two met in Croatia, and both knowing the tech scene & market for tech needs in the land of the free, they decided to team up, with one partner managing Croatian resources, and the other in the U.S. managing the American team. Thus, CroatiaTech, the best dev shop for startups and enterprises to collaborate with & outsource their projects to was born. We have a team roster of 40+ amazing individuals, mostly developers & system engineers, and most being senior level developers, a few mid seniority, and a few entry level for smaller & easier projects.

Our Purpose

Ultimately, we aim to be the bridge between the United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Ireland as an outsourcing dev shop destination and alternative to Poland, Ukraine and India. We’re all fighting it out after school 🙂

With CroatiaTech, we only work with the top talent in the country. We continuously seek out the best people from the neighboring areas of Zagreb, Osijek and Split when it comes to being competitive with talent in New York, Toronto, LA, London & Cork. With two American grown founders, our culture is tailored to work with that of the U.S., Canada and England, as the individuals we work with are fits for culture first, then for their top skill set.

Our Culture

We found that this makes a “yuge” difference as we know what is expected of us, what the project goals are and the ultimate aim of the companies we work with; whether corporate culture or startup culture, we just get it without much trying. This eliminates a lot of communication and cultural barriers, and it feels like we are just your brother or sister in a nearby state, who we hope you visit regularly.

If you’re outsourcing, you want to work with someone who grew up in America, and understands what life is like there, and by extension, what English culture is like. It’s easier working with someone that knows what Seinfeld, Keeping Up Appearances, Doctor Who or Monday Night Raw was about; someone who knows where Park City, Austin or Irvine is without Googling why it’s famous; someone that will make you a part of our family, no matter where you are in the world. Having founders who understand & live the values is what makes team extensions or cosourcing setups, like the ones we offer, work a lot smoother overall as we are just a better fit than anyone else.

Our Philanthropy

Croatia has gone through an insane time over the past 20 years. The war, rebuilding, rise of various industries, joining the E.U. and becoming a top travel destination in the world for vacations. Through all of that, there is still a good ways to go for the country to be on par with the rest of their peers in Europe.

Tech in the Balkans is one of the faster evolving industries, and CroatiaTech has a corporate goal and duty of utilizing that tech know how by pulling up the rest of the country with us. Choosing us as your partner, you are investing in a company that aims to make this country as the tech hub of the region. By investing in us as your dev shop of choice, you invest in having dependable resources, and an ally that will be with you from beginning to end as your own business grows.

Our Offering

Technology solutions at the best prices, and the work being completed by the best talent in the country. We offer white label, dedicated team extensions & outsourcing solutions for custom software development, website development, internet marketing, engineering (software, electrical, mechanical & mechatronic), virtual reality development solutions and graphical design.

Technically an offshore outsourcing solution, but we utilize the latest communication tools to make the process seamless and basically like we’re on opposite sides of the office, so whether Slack, Trello, Asana, HipChat, or whatever, we can easily adapt. We have resources in the U.S. and Europe, so we adjust to your needs for communication and project updates with our account & project managers.

Corp to corp is also an option and something we have experience with. We offer you the option to hire/rent out your dedicated developer, marketer, artist, virtual reality pro or software engineer, so yet another differentiator to most outsourcing tech shops. Some of our team member have already gone to the U.S. on work visas, and with recent European Union discussions, the process might get easier soon for both sides. You can fill out a project brief on our contact page, as well as call or email us to talk about your tech needs, what your project is about and what you need to get it completed. We’ll provide you the solution you need, whether it’s one individual or a whole team, maybe even an army (that might be hard, but not impossible, nothing is impossible). Whatever your project needs are, all of us, are here supporting all of you.

Our capabilities

Some of the services we are able to fully & successfully deliver to our clients

Software Development

Applications for desktops, tablets, smartphones, watches, glasses, whatever

Website Development

Custom websites through personal & enterprise CMS systems for startups & enterprises

Graphic Designers

Creative design for business collateral, user interfaces & user experiences

Experienced Engineering

Software, electrical & mechatronic engineers for your inventions & products

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Enthralling virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video experiences

Full Digital Marketing

PPC, SEO, Paid Social Marketing, Email Marketing Audits & Optimization

Our Ask

We ask all our clients one thing – to trust us.
It might be a lot to ask, but place your trust in us.
We aren’t in the business to make your life hard, it’s quite literally the opposite. Just like you, we have goals and ambitions, dreams and hopes, and we want our business to succeed because we want our people to succeed. We’re all working on building something that’s bigger than ourselves, something that will continue for years to come, join us in that vision.
Start the path with us, and you’ll never look back.

Our Experience

Some of the companies our team has worked with

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