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Nenad Cuk Croatian Technology Business Man

Nenad Ćuk
Co-Founder & CEO

I’ve lived in the U.S. 19 years, working with some of the top agencies and tech companies, all while learning from the best. I moved back to Croatia to start the leading tech shop exclusively serving the English & U.S. markets with affordable resources, helping companies & entrepreneurs to realize their biggest and smallest projects alike. And we’ve achieved that.

We didn’t start this company just to be a European tech outsourcing or outstaffing firm, we started it to bring insanely talented people to a market we know and grew up in. By building lasting relationships, and delivering amazing work, we ensure our, as well as your success. Join us, because only we will be with you from the beginning to the end.

Joe Majić
Co-Founder & CTO

I’ve lived in the US since ’99, and I’ve been mostly based out of the East Coast in Florida. As the technological co-founder of CroatiaTech, I have over 20 years of work experience in the Computer Science field, during which time I’ve led tech teams for both large corporations and small companies.

I currently possess a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and am completing a PhD program in computer science. Besides leadership, my expertise is in machine learning, AI and corporate systems. Having also worked as a professor in the past, I know how to teach, and am always learning.

With 10+ years of software development consulting, you can place your trust in me to lead the team that will get your project done at the best price and with the best resources. Outsource, co-source or team extensions, we will provide you a solution to strengthen your company.

The only agency to take care of our business needs from A to Z

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Why you should pick CroatiaTech as your agency partner.
And what sets us apart from everyone else.


We have a physical presence in the US & Europe, broadening innovation, ideas and creativity. With Croatian-American founders, we bring diversity while also enabling us to eliminate language & cultural barriers.


From day one, we have only ever been interested in working with the top 10% of the tech talent pool in our local markets. Our 40+ people team proves working with the best people, produces the best results.


Our founders worked at top US agencies. We know how expensive quality work gets. So CroatiaTech offers you the best talent, at an average project cost in the range of $20-$60 per hour (varies on tech needs).

What are you looking to get done?

Whether it is capabilities in Software, Web, Engineering, VR & AR, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing, or a combination of any of these; there is little we can’t get done.

Our Services

The technological capabilities and customizable solutions we offer our clients.

Custom Software Development
Get developers and software engineers that work like one magnificent versatile unit. Through multiple platforms, programming languages & experiences; we’ll have your MVP out on the market faster and your enterprise level project done before your corporate deadline.

A few industries we have experience in and feel fully confident working with include automotive, lawful interception (ETSI), enterprise software, big data, embedded systems, TCP/IP protocols & deep packet inspection, enterprise integration, financial, machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.
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Windows Developers
Linux Developers
Android Developers
iOS Developers
Functional websites are no longer a luxury, it’s now a necessity if you plan to be competitive in the global landscape. Our front end, back end and full stack developers will deliver the ultimate solution to get you ahead of the pack.

We build fully custom websites & web apps for startups & enterprise companies who are giants in their field. We also work with popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace and others.
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CMS Versatility
Clean Code
Full Stack
SEO Included
Mechanical, Electrical & Software
Utilize our team of electrical, mechanical & software engineers with confidence for your EPO (Engineering Process Outsourcing) needs. We also offer experts with interdisciplinary knowledge of all three to help with mechatronics & robotics projects.

Whether you are building the latest prototype of a new electronic gadget, a computer system, robots, mechanical toys, IoT device, or whatever combination of these, our engineers will help create and test your product.
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Software Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineers
Mechatronic Engineers
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
VR and AR are poised to positively impact healthcare, manufacturing, traveling, video games, movies, education, arts, architecture and so many other fields; we’ll get you ready for the future.

We provide virtual reality, augmented reality & 360 video solutions for Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear & Cardboard experiences. As well as platform support for Unity, ARKit, Unreal Engine and Google Daydream.
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Various 3D Systems
Experienced Developers
360 Immersion
Elements & Environments
Get control over your online marketing efforts by letting us audit, optimize and run your campaigns to improve your conversions, spend and KPIs. We’ll also tie in any traditional offline marketing with online efforts and add tracking to show overall performance.

We have years of experience with SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, analytical analysis, A/B testing, email marketing & conversion rate optimization. We stay up on industry news and use various tools; within 5 minutes of speaking with us, you’ll know we actually know our stuff.
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SEO Audits
PPC Audits
Social Media Marketing
KPI Focused
Brand, Logo & Visual
Make sure your brand has the right image and message that resonates with your audience. Whether you are creating a new brand with a startup, rebranding your company or refreshing your visuals, we got your back with proper creativity.

Our experience includes web design, application design, software design, logos, branding, creative discovery, as well as print and digital ads. Whatever your creative needs, we have a creative mind to offer a solution.
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Full Creativity
User Usability
Powerful Branding
Amazing Logos
We Get It DONE

After we define what you need and what we will complete for you, the project will get done. Come hell or high water.

Full Team Sprints

We run on a two week sprint schedule, and during each of those two weeks, it’s fingers meet keyboard time.

Winning Formula

Our firm has an amazing team of top professionals in the US and Europe with the primary focus being customer service.

Fast Performance

Whoever said that you can’t have perfect speed, quality and price, never came to CroatiaTech.

Who We've Worked With

A few of the companies our team members have worked with.

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Our Qualities

What makes the CroatiaTech team one of a kind outsourcing partner for agencies and businesses.

Educated Team

All of our team members have at least a Bachelor’s in their respective field, quite a few have their Masters, and some have a PhD.

Infinite Possibilities

Virtual Reality, Mechanical, Electrical & Software Engineers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers and Internet Marketers. Make your ideas happen.

English Speakers

In addition to American founders, 90% of our team has conversational level English fluency. The other 10% are almost there.

Security Clearance

Our CEO has worked for U.S. Government projects and has Confidential security clearance. This means security is ingrained in company culture.


We treat our clients like VIPs, so the work we do on your project and for your company is between you and us. We fully respect and maintain your privacy.


We have team members in the U.S. & Europe to cover our clients needs at almost any hour. If you ever find yourself in an hour of need, we’ll be there.

Work/Life Balance

A healthy team affects the health of the company & the quality of work. Our company culture promotes a work/life balance for healthy minds and jolly hearts.

Long Term Partners

We don’t just hit it and quit it. As your business grows, we offer various tech solutions to help you transition from startup to enterprise. Be a better you.

Continuous Growth

We don’t like stagnancy. Our team is in the community, at events, presenting; always growing our knowledge to be better and better at what we do.


We love our clients.

We exist to be your partners in crafting a solution that will solve the business roadblock you are experiencing with technology. To do this, we offer a versatile team that is dedicated to reaching that solution, and management that knows how to take care of our clients. By choosing to work with us, you get American Croatians that are bridges between the two continents, and navigators of a system that will get you the best talent for the job.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by making their ideas possible, and for enterprise clients to stretch their budget further by getting more done on time. For the longevity of our business, we’d rather have one hundred clients that love us, than thousands that would never use us again. This drives everything we do.

With a full service offering of developers, designers, marketers, engineers, visionaries, programmers & dreamers in your corner, nothing can hold you back from achieving your business goals. Subcontract your work with co-sourcing integration and let us be your remote office team extension.

As a firm that takes a consultative sales approach, we don’t just listen with the intent to sell something; we listen to know what problems your company is facing, and whether we would be able to provide you a solution. If we can’t solve it, we’ll point you in the direction of where you might look next.

So, talk to us today, we won’t give you any advice we wouldn’t give a close friend or a parent.


Our clients love our process.

STEP 1 - Discovery

We always kick off new projects with a discovery meeting. Our clients grab their favorite beverage and chat with us about their business, as well as their audience/clients/customers.

STEP 2 - Research & Analyze

After we speak with our clients, we spend some time researching on our own. What's happening in their industry, what's working and what's not. This step solidifies our knowledge.

STEP 3 - Planning

Upon gathering our research, we pull in the team members who will work on the project for a planning session. Here we outline our plan of attack and what our solution should include and look like.

STEP 4 - Mockup

When everyone involved is on the same page, we start on the initial concept prototype. Here our clients get a general idea of where we are planning on taking the project.

Step 5 - Create & Launch

With approved mockups, we get to creating the solution, testing & launching. Depending on the scope of work, we set milestones and regularly update our client on the progress. With a successful execution, we do final checks and look at data for any future iterations.

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