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CroatiaTech is your advertising, digital, creative & marketing agency all in one. Our company has the best creative minds, and whether your company is big or small, our firm takes time to know each client to cater to your unique graphic design needs. We don’t do cookie cutter B.S. solutions, only amazing work, all done by amazingly talented European & American creatives.

Web Page Design

Have us design a brand new website or redesign your old one. We’ll get it to a modern age of responsiveness for today’s mobile users.

Custom Logo Design

Have our creative minds give the best logo for your company. We’ll come up with a custom done logo that’s perfect for your business.


Whether a small business, startup or large corporation, you need creativity. Business cards, identity, digital & print collateral + much more.

Website Design

Whether it’s a popular CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.) or custom design (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, other technologies) we’ll create the website that’s just right.

From the get go, when we decided to offer website design services, we knew we needed to be different. Creating beautiful and modern websites at affordable prices isn’t the only way, we also add a unique style of thought. To us, websites are like people, because behind them, it’s real people that are standing them up. People with dreams, hopes, desires, goals and personalities.

With this in mind, we build websites for people, for your customers, who turn to you when they need a service, just like our customers turn to us when they need unique and creative web design work done.

We live in a global economy where outsourcing website design to another firm is easy peasy. The difference is in the talent and what you pay for that talent. Our founders, who are Americans, worked at agencies and know how much it is to get a project like this going. With CroatiaTech you get the best web designers in the country, on par with London, Ireland & NYC companies, so top talent, just at a better overall project cost.


We have some of the happiest people in the world on our team. I mean, have you Googled “Croatia” recently? Place is a paradise. You want people that are experienced, inspired and happy working on designing your site, not someone miserable.

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Business Logo Design

Get a logo designed that’s unique, creative and speaks volumes about your business.


Getting a logo that makes you happy to be the face of your business isn’t an easy feat, but it’s one that we’ve achieved with our clients from various industries over and over again. Everyone in this industry says they “think differently”, but if they all make that claim, do they? Talk to CroatiaTech, let us explode your mind with what we can do.

Okay, EXPLODE me

A logo is more than just colors and shapes, it tells a story and gives your customers and fans something to connect with. Your logo should accurately reflect your brands personality and represent what you do or sell in a simple visual format. A perfect logo idea has the ability to stir up strong emotions within — to move us, change us, make us think differently. Thus, successful logo design connects ideas to feelings in a universal manner independent of any language, cultural barriers or geography.

Ultimately, your logo has the power to connect your business to your potential clients & customers. We understand that better than anyone, and we excel at translating our clients’ business ethos into a simple, memorable and timeless visual form.

New technologies, channels and aesthetics change constantly in today’s fast paced world – CroatiaTech strives for ideas that outlive all three. We look past the insulated world of design, technology and advertising to seek greater inspiration. To create for technologies of old, as well as to stand out in technologies of the future (virtual reality, multiple screens, various print materials).

Croatia as a country has always been different, and in keeping that flair alive is what makes CroatiaTech unique and memorable. The goal of our work is to challenge the status quo in a way that is thoughtful—not reactionary or gimmicky. You’re already on this page, so talk to us about what would make you happy.

Graphic Design Services

If you can imagine it, we’ll design & create it. If you can’t imagine any of it, well that’s okay, in that case we can help you even more.

Your main focus is business. You’re looking for a graphic design service to be provided to you by the best agency you can get, and you want to be happy with what you pay for. We understand that. Having worked with hundreds of companies over the years, we’ve come to fully understand the goal behind graphic design work; to give you something fresh and new that you can use to highlight & differentiate your business.

We get how important (and sometimes intimidating) this step of the process can be when you’re launching a new project or needing new visuals for your company. We’ll get you there by asking all the right questions, directing with our professional opinions, and walking you through the creative process step by step. We encourage idea collaboration and want you to have fun during this critical part of your brand’s development.

Whether your need is for a new logo or a redesign, brochures, posters, eBook, billboards, advertisements, packaging, business cards, a new website redesign or one of various print creative pieces your clever mind comes up with to use in your war chest – we get it, and will always work hard to make you happy. We save you time by utilizing our creative teams mind power. CroatiaTech will provide you with a team that is always looking for a creative challenge, and exclusively focusing on completing work that will make your business stand out – these are the qualities that keep our clients coming back.

We’re not just some creative agency to outsource your companies graphic design needs to, we are people, amazing people who work with some of the top companies & agencies in America, England & Ireland in getting amazing work done.


We picked the top graphic designers in Croatia for our team, and these people have found their calling, as well as perfected their gift with thousands of hours of practice and work. Croatians are classy, creative, daring, stylish and bold; we invented the tie after all, and we haven’t let the world forget about that since. Business is in our veins, creativity in our soul, and we combine the two on our clients’ projects for an experience like no other.

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Below are a few of the various graphic design jobs we’ve done in the past.


Get a business card that shows you’re serious about business as soon as you pull it out of your wallet, purse or card holder.


Have our agency be your packaging design firm of choice. We design packaging to be spotted on the top shelf and enhance emotions when opened.

Brochure Designers

Corporate brochures that stick out from the rest. Our company’s brochure designers will get you single or multi-colored work fit for only the best paper.

Book Design

Books for children, eBooks, cooking, inspirational or whatever you were passionate to finish writing; we will design your publications amazing cover.


Have us design your magazine or catalogue to move product, or messages. While we’re at it, we can even design your website to match either of the two.

Print Design

Our print design service will make us your favorite agency. If you don’t see a category you’re interested in, just means we ran out of space but can still help.

Leaflet & Flyer design

Big, small or oversized leaflets & flyers; let us get the information you need to convey and grab attention. We’ll make sure you’re heard and understood.


Who doesn’t love to get a postcard? We even send some out to our clients. Let us design yours, we can also help you figure out 3D postcards.

Newsletter Design

Keep your fans and followers up to date with a professionally designed newsletter you can either mail out or email. And stay consistent, it’s key.


Why you should pick CroatiaTech as your graphic design partner, and what sets us apart from everyone else.


Two Americans started and run the company, while concurrently living in the country. Our story is like no other company in Croatia, or the region; enabling us to eliminate language & cultural barriers.


From day one, we have only ever been interested in working with the top 10% of the tech talent pool in Croatia. Our 40+ people team proves working with the best people, produces the best results.


Our founders worked in agencies. We know how expensive quality work gets. So CroatiaTech offers you the best talent, at a price point you’re going to be flippin happy with.

Our Experience

Some of the companies our team has worked with

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