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With everything that is happening between Russia and Ukraine – we are being contacted by clients who are looking to have an alternative company for software development to Ukraine & Russia both.

What is happening in Ukraine is a terrible terrible thing. A lot of people are displaced right now, and many millions don’t have an idea on what will happen next. With all due understanding, this is not a time someone can do their very best work. Or really give a damn about some deadline or milestone, with bombs flying over your head.

If your tech team is in one of these countries, especially Ukraine, we believe you owe it to the people who are there to let them decide if they want to keep working or not. Having developers out of Ukraine that you are trying to find an alternative for at this time might be the last thing some of them want. For some of them, his work gives them an option to not be focused on what is happening. This is between you all to decide.

What we are here for is to be a temporary alternative until things go back to normal in both Ukraine and Russia, so that people can make a living and get back to work. In the meantime, CroatiaTech would like to offer our assistance to bridge the gap for any alternative partners to work with your Russian or Ukranian development team. A European partner to join you as you await for the return of these individuals; software developers, graphic designers, quality assurance engineers, application developers and hardware engineers.

Our strengths as a company fall in having a senior team in a multitude of disciplines. We are both a NATO and European Union country, so we offer up additional compliance for any projects in these regions. Language wise, we have a bit of overlap with Russian and Ukranian speakers, and a few similarities in culture. If you already have a fully integrated team from Ukraine or Russia, and need a similar country to join the mix, we would be a great alternative to supplement your project in the short or long term.

When it comes to a remote team extension or expansion, we are the best temporary alternative to continuing the work started by Ukrainian or Russian colleagues, and we are the best situated for collaborating with our inherent similarities.

This war will not last forever. Things will come back to normal, hopefully soon. The bright minds of both Ukraine and Russia will be ready to join on software development projects once more. Ukraine will be rebuilt, and we hope that they will be able to co-exist with their neighbors, just as Croatia learned to do with Bosnia and Serbia. If you are also looking to relocate your employees from Ukraine, and need assistance, we can offer them a safe space in one of our two Croatian offices. We can assist with this as a service without any charge beyond what you are able to cover as an employer and Good Samaritan.

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Let’s discuss how we can integrate our Ukrainian and/or Russian team

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