Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Why Outsource to a European SEO Company

Internet MarketingOctober 30, 20180 CommentsCroatiaTech Team
Outsource SEO to a European Search Engine Optimization Company via CroatiaTech


The Internet connects people around the world with companies like yours. You are offering an amazing product or service and you want people to find you when they visit one of the popular search engines. Luckily, you don’t have to leave that entire process to chance. There are tools available to help you increase the amount and quality of traffic that is hitting your website. You can even see all of the benefits of online marketing without paying for ads by using search engine optimization (SEO)!  This is also known as organic or natural search results, by the way. The simplest way to understand SEO is to think of it as the effort you take to improve the ranking of a site in search engine results.

What is SEO?

You don’t have to know everything about how a search engine works, but you should know that these search engines (Google, Bing, etc.,) use crawlers to go out and gather metadata and content for all the sites they can find on the Internet. All of that data feeds into a search index and gets run against an algorithm that tries to figure out if any of the collected data matches up with the search query that was received. But that’s just the search engine piece of SEO, which you have no control over. The next piece is the optimization part, which you do have control over! The content that you choose to include (title tags, meta descriptions, and your robots.txt file) makes a difference, as do your linking practices.

How to do SEO?

There is no single set of activities involved in SEO. Even though we gave you a simple definition, it’s a complex activity. You can do it yourself, but there’s a lot to consider, even just figuring out how you can influence onsite and/or offsite SEO (think of link building).

From our CEO: “There are three main parts for successful SEO; good code, optimized content, and relevant backlinks.”

Your title tag and meta descriptions are what people see when their selected search engine returns results for a query – so you want it to be interesting, compelling, and relevant. In addition to all of that, you have to think about what content you have that is actually indexable – sometimes the most interesting parts of your website might not actually get indexed (think video and audio content or images without alt text).

It’s important to note though you shouldn’t be designing your pages for search engines: a user-friendly and informative site that attracts your audience will likely be just the right thing for a search engine. And if your audience finds the content interesting and engages with it or shares it, then that will only help your visibility as well!

You are probably used to linking to external sites, but you also want to be using internal links that point to relevant pages on your own website. The benefit of internal linking isn’t just to try to get your customers to explore more of your website, but you are also making life easier for those search engine spiders to crawl all of your pages and find those fantastic keywords you’ve used!

Why Outsource SEO Services to Europe?

How are you feeling about this all so far? It might feel like a lot, and that’s where having SEO experts like the ones we have at CroatiaTech is beneficial. Most of your traffic is going to come from search engines, not from social media or direct referrals. You should view SEO marketing as a critical activity and because search engine algorithms and SEO practices are dynamic, bringing in SEO professionals to help you is one way to make sure your SEO game remains competitive and current. Think for a second about all of the competition in your sector – not only are you competing in all the expected ways (cost, quality, etc.,) but you are also competing with them for a place in the results of a search query so that customers can find you.

European companies have to be highly competitive to compete in the SEO market and this benefits companies like yours because we have to keep up with trends and expand our expertise faster than other online SEO agencies in other parts of the world. The variety of languages and culture throughout Europe also give SEO agencies like ours a unique advantage in that we are able to understand and adapt to the different ways that people live, think, and interact with the web.

Why Outsource to CroatiaTech?

Using an affordable, white hat online SEO service like CroatiaTech will allow you to promote your website through organic SEO to increase traffic and prominence. We’ve been doing this for over five years for large companies with 80% success and our founders actually worked at top U.S. agencies before starting CroatiaTech.

That’s not all though, if you choose to let us help you, we will audit, optimize and run your campaigns to improve your conversions, spend and KPIs. We’ll even tie in any traditional offline marketing with online efforts. We want you to be optimized for and see an increase in your ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and/or Baidoo.

CroatiaTech offers not only offers search engine optimized website design and development, but we can give you the research to help you write your own optimized content or even write the content for you.

What Now?

Did you know that websites on the first search engine results page receive almost 95% of web traffic? If you aren’t currently on the first page, you have some work to do and our creative professionals at CroatiaTech want to help with the many intricacies of SEO so that your customers find you the first time.

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