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Seeking to diversify your business and establish a dedicated, remote nearshore team in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, or Slovenia? Your search ends at CroatiaTech. As the leading provider of Employer of Record (EOR) and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services in these regions, we cater to companies from the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland.

Welcome to the Balkans, a region brimming with skilled software developers, virtual reality/augmented reality developers, engineers, graphic designers, digital marketers, and web developers. Whether you’re struggling with local talent shortages, aiming to expand your operational capabilities, or simply looking to establish a presence in Europe, CroatiaTech is your go-to solution. Our motto? Quality above all else. We offer senior developers and other resources, ensuring seamless integration with your American, European, or Asian-based teams.

CroatiaTech is a provider of European PEO and employer of record solutions for foreign companies looking to hire in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia or Slovenia. Before you jump in head first of trying to get set up in the country with your own regional office, we get most of your work done and ready so you can start quicker and with quality employees already on boarded.  
An Employer of Record is a third-party service that takes on the responsibility of becoming the legal employer of your foreign workforce. This means that the EOR is in charge of ensuring compliance with local employment laws, handling payroll, and managing any other administrative responsibilities related to employment.
By choosing CroatiaTech as your Employer of Record in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Slovenia, you’re able to bypass the complexities of setting up a regional office or subsidiary. We simplify your entry into these markets with our comprehensive hiring consultancy, offering a cost-effective and compliant solution for international expansion

CroatiaTech serves as your trusted Employer of Record in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Slovenia, streamlining the hiring process for foreign companies. Instead of navigating the complexities of setting up a regional office, we simplify your entry into these markets with our comprehensive hiring consultancy. Employing our services means you can bypass the headache of local incorporation, a process often fraught with bureaucracy and time-consuming red tape. Instead, we take care of the hiring process, ensuring everything is legal, functional, and in compliance with local employment laws. You just receive a monthly invoice from our US-based company, saving you precious time and resources. There is no more comprehensive hiring consultancy in Croatia or the nearby regions than us. Guaranteed.  

Basic facts about hiring in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia & Slovenia

To hire in any of these regions, there are a few things you have to be aware of:

  • Cultural Difference – Each country in the Balkans, though geographically close, harbors unique cultural values. Understanding local customs and practices ensures your brand maintains a positive reputation locally and globally. At CroatiaTech, we’re familiar with the local culture, customs, and business etiquette in each region, ensuring a smoother transition for your company.
  • EU Data Protection – Europe has stringent legislation regarding data protection for employees and citizens. Navigating this area is crucial from the outset. As your Employer of Record, CroatiaTech will ensure your company’s compliance.
  • Salary & Taxation – Each of these countries has a unique set of requirements to legally employ individuals, as well as a mountain (not exaggerated) of paperwork to stay in compliance.
  • Termination of Employment – Each country has unique hiring and firing requirements and procedures. Contracts for each employee can be more stringent than in some Western countries.
  • Perks & Benefits – Understanding the minimum requirements or current market standards for each location is vital for attracting quality talent. Certain perks may be taxed differently, or in some cases, not taxed at all.

Benefits of Using CroatiaTech as your Employer of Record

  • No Need for Local Incorporation – Setting up a local entity in a foreign country can be a complex process filled with red tape. With CroatiaTech, you don’t need to go through the cumbersome procedure of local incorporation. We take on the responsibility of becoming the legal employer of your workforce in the host country, which means we handle all the legal compliance requirements on your behalf.
  • Local Payroll and Benefits Management  – Managing payroll in a foreign country can be a daunting task due to different tax laws and employment regulations. At CroatiaTech, we take care of all aspects of payroll, from ensuring that all necessary withholding and deductions are made, to meeting other compliance obligations of employers in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Slovenia. This includes managing employee benefits as required by law in each country, such as maternal leaves, paid vacation, healthcare, and more.
  • Local Presence and Team Management – As your trusted partners, we also assist with team management, ensuring your team is performing at the agreed-upon level. We help maintain a conducive working environment, taking into account the unique cultural and working styles of each region, thus ensuring a smoother integration on the local level.

Setting up a technological team overseas or across borders isa great way to grow. You have a new talent pool, skillsets you’re looking forand in some cases, access to different ways of tackling problems. With theleading companies of the world setting up their claim already on the top talentthey can find, it’s a logical solution to not only survive as a business, butalso to get ahead of competition that hasn’t branched out.  

We aim to be a guide and partner in making your transition to this part of the world much much easier. Reach out to us today,tell us what you’re planning or wondering about, and we’ll give as much assistance as humanely possible in order to get you a solution. We’re always one call or message away.


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Hi! I am researching on the behalf of my potential employer (and I am not sure whether to write in Croatian or English). He is starting an IT security company in Germany (should be established by december) and we are looking for the ways he could legally hire me (ideally through student work contract).

What I didn’t get from your site is whether you could provide such service or are you exclusively hiring members of your own team?

If you can provide the service we want, could you give us ballpark estimate/range on what the pricing would be. We know pricing probably depends on different factors but just a rough range would be great.

Kind regards,

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