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TechnologyOctober 17, 20180 CommentsCroatiaTech Team
Outsourced CTO Solution In Europe, USA or Canada


The world today revolves around technology companies, and even if you aren’t a tech specific company, you most likely need a technological solution. This is where having a great CTO can help you out whether you are building software, a website, a widget or a new electronic device. CIO (Chief Information Officer) is a close alternative to a CTO (Chief Technology Officer), but a CTO is more relevant to startups or smaller companies, and a CIO is more important when you’re at an enterprise company.

Not everyone can afford a CTO though, and sometimes a company has no need for a permanent one, so an interim CTO makes due. If you’re not looking to hire someone for your company full time, especially go through resumes or various interviews, a short term solution might be more fitting. By having a virtual CTO in your team, you can get their expertise in building development teams, solving technology challenges in your company, or providing guidance – either on a few hours a week, or one month a year.

CroatiaTech offers an outsourced CTO & CIO service for companies that need guidance in developing their technology, or just getting to the next level with your tech. Having presence in the US, Canada & Europe, we work with companies in developing teams as well as in-house solutions. Get professional guidance on technological requirements for your envisioned solution, whether to outsource or develop an in house team, security guidance and overall road mapping.

Differentiator between us a remote CTO out of India, Ukraine, Poland or the like, is that we are more Westernized internally as a company, so cultural wise, we are a great fit, and team member wise we have all lived abroad, ranging from 10-20 years. Having corporate experience of working and developing functional teams that can scale in the long run, is our biggest strength.

We also have a large network of previous CTO level individuals who are working with us to cover niche specific industries – whether this is HR, telecommunication, fintech, auto, embedded or AI needs. The future itself is evolving pretty fast, and the companies that can take care of their challenges in technology today, vs those that take care of it next month, are the long term winners in the competitive tech space.

It can be tricky to find a right partner to outsource your technology, your baby to, but give our knowledgeable team a shot. We have over 20 years’ experience in developing technology for some of the top European, American & Canadian companies. This experience is more than valuable in a consulting capacity CTO or CTI partnership. Just starting off on the wrong tech stack can mean costly mistakes for years and years down the road – don’t let that happen to you.

Set up a correct infrastructure, get you company moving, or get back on track if you happened to fall off somewhere.
One call, that’s all you need.

Our team writes on the technology services & solutions we develop for our clients. This ranges from software development, machine learning, blockchain, internet marketing, virtual reality, augmented reality, electrical & mechatronic engineering, website development and graphic design. From time to time, we post on other random things of interest.

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